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10 Biggest Icons in Cannabis Culture History

10 Biggest Icons in Cannabis Culture History

As the legalization of cannabis in the United States is taking hold, we are seeing new brands emerge as the successors of cannabis culture. However, it was not always this simple for the world to accept cannabis as a legal unit. Many iconic celebrities and influential personalities have played a part in the establishment and evolution of marijuana culture. 

Their constant support and participation in making cannabis a mainstream product is one of the biggest reasons that it isn't as controversial as it once was. The cannabis industry is making headway with the help of these icons. Let's take a look at these people who are a crucial part of cannabis history. 

Bob Marley

Bob Marley’s role in the evolution of marijuana culture is evident through his music. After parting ways with The Wailers, Marley went solo in the UK and recorded two albums that showed his support for cannabis culture. “Exodus” was released in 1977 and was a critical success. The follow-up album was named “Kaya,” which directly supported cannabis use through its lyrics and music.

Bob Marley was raised Catholic, but he found meaning after converting to Rastafari. For this legendary artist, cannabis was more than a smokable herb; it held religious and spiritual value. 

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is not an enthusiast of cannabis culture; he is an activist! One of the first to demand reform of cannabis laws, Willie is part of NORML (The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). It is a non-profit organization working actively towards making cannabis a legal product. Their efforts a paying off, albeit slowly. 

Willie is the icon who was once standing alone to fight for the legalization of cannabis. He has been arrested for this cause but refused to back away. He now owns a cannabis product line, Willie's Reserve, and continues to smoke happily even in his eighties!

John Lennon

We have seen John Lennon smoking cannabis openly in movies and documentaries. Always an open supporter of cannabis culture, Lennon was an active participant in the hippie movement that is famously associated with the use of cannabis. 

He was a passionate artist who used multiple art forms to support freedom of expression and fight against the reigning prejudices of the world. 

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is not a new supporter of cannabis culture; he has been a weed user and an influencer since the early 1990s. His love for joints kicked off way before his career, and it's one of the many things people associate with him. 

In one of his Reddit “Ask Me Anything” sessions, he told his fans that he smokes 81 blunts a day! The artist was always a laid-back cannabis user, but now he is willing to actively participate in the evolution of marijuana culture. Snoop Dogg has developed his private cannabis product line by partnering with a Canadian weed stock. 

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg are the pioneers of the current cannabis awareness. The newer generations associate their love for cannabis with these legends. Wiz Khalifa has achieved success in his musical career as a cannabis enthusiast.

When the talented artist is not making music and wowing his fans, he is developing apps like “Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm.” It is a successful mobile app that shows how important cannabis is in his life. He has also developed a Kush strain like a true cannabis culture icon!


Rihanna was once banned from a hotel in Barbados for smoking heavily. Such is the pizzazz of this pop culture queen! She smokes unapologetically and supports the cause with no reservations. Rihanna has a powerful influence on music lovers and cannabis enthusiasts. 

Her open smoking habits have landed her in trouble, but it has failed to faze her. She has the queen status to maintain and fans to keep happy, so it's only natural Rihanna uses cannabis as her go-to drug to unwind.  

Cheech and Chong

Cheech and Chong are two comedians who met in Vancouver, BC in the 1960s. Their love for comedy and cannabis made them a well-loved duo appreciated throughout their career. 

Cheech and Chong are also cannabis activists who have utilized their art to showcase support for the herb.The duo’s debut film, “Up in Smoke,” remains a comedic forerunner that started the culture of cannabis-themed films and TV shows. 


Berner is another entertainer who supports the use of cannabis. He is also CEO and co-founder of Cookies, a brand that openly and proudly promotes the legal use of cannabis. Berner plays a vital role in the evolution of marijuana culture with the Cookies brand. It has lounges and dispensaries in four countries!

Berner has also partnered with Wiz Khalifa for his Khalifa Kush brand. They used Cookies as the homebase for this brand to introduce it in California. 

Steve Jobs

Another influential personality from the tech world is Steve Jobs, who always supported the use of psychedelic drugs openly. He was an enthusiast since the ‘70s and occasionally took marijuana edibles. 

Jobs attributed a big part of his success to psychedelic drugs. For him, they had medicinal and otherworldly powers that opened his mind to new possibilities. He believed that they helped him gain a new perspective of the world.  

Seth Rogen and James Franco 

Seth Rogen and James Franco is another comedic duo with a film supporting cannabis culture. The movie Pineapple Express has influenced the cannabis community and inspired them to create an Auto strain. 

Rogen uses cannabis religiously, but Franco hasn’t smoked since his teenage years. The former has even revealed that he has never smoked weed with Franco. However, the duo never fails to support the use of cannabis. 

Final Words

These icons have played a part that cannabis enthusiasts will never forget. Their support has helped destigmatize cannabis culture and convince people to see the benefits of this herb. Going against cultural norms must have been difficult, but their belief in responsible cannabis consumption has impressed and influenced many people. We should stay hopeful that more notable personalities will support cannabis like these icons and give it a chance to prove its worth!


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