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the best way to clean pipes and bongs

Your glass pipe needs regular cleaning to keep your smoking habits hygienic. The pipe gets dirty with consistent use—residue collects on the pipe's inner walls—making it difficult to enjoy a good smoke. The frequency of your smoking determines how many times you need to clean out pipe for subsequent use.

It may seem unattainable, but cleaning out pipes is as simple as smoking! Given the accessible methods available today, you can pick the best way to clean pipes and bongs and be on your way to smoking like a chimney again. 

Why Should You Clean Your Pipes?

Before you learn the methods to clean your pipes, you must know why it’s necessary for you to keep them clean. Here are some reasons to enlighten you:

Cleaned Pipes Signify Good Hygiene

Sharing pipes is a norm in the world of smoking, but it also means that germs will cling to the pipe. While smoking alone in a germ-free room is an improbable dream, cleaning out the pipes is the best way to maintain hygiene. 

When you clean out pipe before or after smoking with a group of people, you can reduce the spread of illnesses such as common colds or sores. There is also the issue of getting herpes that can be avoided by using clean pipes. 

Avoiding the Dangers of Residue 

Residue does not only make your pipes and bongs look unattractive; it also creates a dangerous smoking environment for you. If there is residue in the pipes, it can catch fire after the carb is covered. This could lead to burning accidents that can be avoided by cleaning the pipes. 

The lack of residue also improves your smoking experience. When the ash is insignificant inside the pipe or bong, the smoke travels smoothly, providing a clean smoking environment with better taste. 

Improving the Appearance of Pipes

It's not unnatural for a smoker to get attached to their pipe. With the availability of various designs, there are more than enough good options for new and experienced smokers. However, some fail to keep the pipes clean and are in search of a new one quickly. 

Instead of spending time and money on finding something that fits your style, why not keep your original one clean? Regular cleaning will make your pipes look brand new.

Best Ways to Keep the Pipes Clean

Many methods can prevent the spread of germs in your pipes, but not all methods are feasible or completely effective. Here are the 3 best ways to clean out pipe before your next smoke:

Method 1: Isopropyl Alcohol Solution

Combining rubbing alcohol with salt gives you a solution that can make your pipes look sparkly clean. You need isopropyl alcohol of a higher percentage, sea salt, a plastic bag, and a pipe cleaner to begin your cleaning process. 

  • First step: Clean the pipe by removing big chunks of herb or resin. You can clean it by blowing air into the pipe or turning it upside down and tapping into your hand. A pipe cleaner will help remove any stuck pieces. 
  • Second step: Use the plastic bag to combine rubbing alcohol with salt. 
  • Third step: Grab your pipe and place it inside the bag containing the isopropyl alcohol solution. Once the bag is secured, shake it gently for a while. The results will be better with more shakes, so continue for at least two minutes for a clean pipe.
  • Fourth step: After continuous shaking, the cleaning solution turns black or brown. Dump that solution and continue cleaning the pipe by repeating the first three steps. If the pipe is filthy, consider soaking it in the alcohol solution for a few hours.
  • Fifth step: Use the pipe cleaner to remove any residue, and enjoy a good smoke with a brand-new pipe!

Method 2: Vinegar and Baking Soda Solution

Using vinegar with baking soda creates a solution that produces CO2 gas with a semi-abrasive solution. It is perfect for cleaning glass pipes and removing stubborn residue and buildup. You can clean a pipe with a simple vinegar solution, but baking soda adds the kick to clean out pipe finely. To prepare the solution, you need baking soda, white vinegar, cotton tips or brush, a paper towel, and a Tupperware or a Ziploc bag. 

  • First step: Place your pipe inside the Tupperware container or the Ziploc bag. 
  • Second step: Add a significant amount of baking soda and shake it well. Make sure it covers most areas of your glass pipe.
  • Third step: pour vinegar solution into the bag or container and seal it. The combination of vinegar and baking soda will create the volcano effect, soaking the pipe inside the sealed area.
  • Fourth step: Keep the pipe soaked for at least 30 minutes. Adjust the timing based on the frequency of pipe usage. 
  • Fifth step: Remove the pipe from the solution after shaking it well. Once removed, scrub it for any built-up or gunk. 
  • Sixth step: rinse the pipe well with warm water and let it dry on a paper towel. 

Method 3: Denture Cleaning Tablets

Denture cleaning tablets have the property to clean residue and buildup. If you use the tablets to clean your pipes, you can enjoy a fat bowl in a brand new-looking pipe. To achieve desirable results, you will need denture cleaning tablets, a Tupperware container or a bowl, water, and pipe cleaner or q-tip.

  • First step: Remove stubborn resin or herb bits from your pipe using the same technique as Method 1. 
  • Second step: Place your pipe in a bowl or container. Make sure the vessel is big enough to provide room for your apparatus. 
  • Third step: pour hot water into the container and drop a few denture cleaning tablets (2 or 3 should be fine). The tablets will start fizzing as soon as they make contact with hot water.
  • Fourth step: Let the pipe soak in the solution for at least 30 minutes. If it’s dirtier than you'd realized, you can soak it for longer. 
  • Fifth step: Remove the pipe from the solution, use your pipe cleaner to scrub any excess residue, and rinse it well before using it again. 

Final Words

You must clean your pipes for a healthy and hygienic smoking experience. Smoking herb is what you are using the pipe for, so make sure nothing else is inside the pipe when you take a puff. Any form of residue or ash is harmful to your lungs and health. Therefore, make sure you are only smoking the good stuff! 


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