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Different Types of Real-Life Cannabis Consumers

As cannabis becomes legal throughout the states, brands have to expand their reach to remain competitive. If you have just opened a dispensary or plan to, understanding different types of cannabis consumers can help you create a suitable marketing strategy.

Top Types of Cannabis Users Your Dispensary Should Target 

Contrary to popular belief, the typical cannabis user is not a couch-surfing, long-haired, messy individual in their early twenties. The industry has diversified to include an eclectic collection of consumers willing to pay top dollar for products. These include:


Stoners have been the backbone of the cannabis industry for years. While you may imagine them as long-haired hippies with an eclectic sense of fashion, dispensary owners appreciate them for their consistent patronage. 

This group of cannabis consumers includes habitual users who use it for recreational purposes and are known for influencing new buyers into trying products. Most stoners are individuals in college or high school seniors with time to spare and money to spend on their pastimes. The last thing you want to do is stereotype this group as being lackadaisical in their hygiene and outlook. 

As the main artery that attracts new users to the market, stoners should be appreciated for the consistent patronage frequency. If they feel they are being insulted or ignored because of their life choices, they will take their business elsewhere and other potential customers.


As recreational marijuana is gaining traction after being legalized across the nation, it is no longer a taboo subject in households. Many parents jump on the bandwagon by getting light joints that they enjoy with a glass of wine or when their kids are asleep. 

Parents who consume cannabis are of two types:

  • New or young parents who want to experiment with different strains and consumption methods.
  • Experienced or older parents who want to become regular consumers because of deep-rooted motivations. 

This difference is essential for dispensary owners when it comes to marketing strategies. For example, if you target seasoned users who have preferred smoking or consumption habits, promote traditional types of cannabis such as flowers. Similarly, for your younger parents who love to experiment, focus your marketing strategy on modern cannabis products such as beverages, edibles, vape pens, etc.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 18% of full-timers and 21% of part-timers use cannabis to unwind after their job. These adult users also focus on their careers, family life, and quality of life. 

These professionals are usually targeted by cannabis brands providing products to aid mental health and overall wellness. As a dispensary owner or manager, your goal should be to market your cannabis products in a manner that educates this demographic. Data and case studies highlighting the benefits of certain cannabis products will appeal more.


Expert cannabis users make up a demographic that is proud of their extensive knowledge of the substance. This includes the different strains, consumption practices, and which strain should be used at a particular time or to get a particular experience. These experts have no trouble getting jobs in the cannabis industry, but they are also quite discerning as customers.

However, they are also more willing to pay top dollar for the best marijuana products and paraphernalia than other users. If you expand your dispensary to include high-end products, these consumers can become a vital source of revenue.

Some of the information they will appreciate and make them loyal customers include bud-to-bowl stories on how a particular product was cultivated and prepared for consumption. Experts leave no stone unturned to uncover unique offerings and thrive on background information. If they can get both from your dispensary, they will become loyal customers and bring equally high-end consumers. 


Creative cannabis users thrive on a specific state of mind that the substance can provide. These include authors battling writer's block, directors who need new ideas for a scene, playwrights frustrated with their actors’ on-stage chemistry, and artists who want divine revelation for their next masterpiece. These consumers are staples in cannabis culture and the industry in general. 

These types of users usually go for Sativa strain since it can give them the creative force they are looking for. Many creative users report that they feel more productive when they smoke and that cannabis helps them produce their best work. It is little wonder why this demographic comprises highly loyal users who consider the substance vital for their success. 

Several creative cannabis users emulate the artists they look up to who use marijuana to alter their thoughts and create original content. This is why they respond favorably to advertizing that promotes specific celebrities or personalities that they admire, especially if they have a bowl or pipe in their hand. 

We can say that this group uses cannabis as some people use coffee – to expand their mental capabilities and accomplish a goal they set for themselves. 

Final Words

The cannabis industry is thriving as it never was allowed to before. Today, people from diverse backgrounds have no qualms about getting the best products and paraphernalia that money can buy. By focusing your marketing and advertizing strategy on the types mentioned above of cannabis users, you can make your dispensary more competitive and eventually leave the competition in the dust.

The first thing you need to do is determine the products you can provide to your customers. The information will help you realize the demographic you should target and how you should reach them with new promotions and offerings. With the right formula, your dispensary can thrive. Don't hesitate to consult with successful dispensary owners to get ideas for your store.


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