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As the United States has reduced its legislation and regulations around the use of cannabis, we see a lot of brands and dispensaries popping up across the country to make their mark in this newfound market. However, this has drastically increased the competition among brands, and the industry is already crowded with new brands with their green leafy logos present at almost every other corner. 

This market saturation has made it difficult for new brands and dispensaries to make their mark in the industry. Everyone with their cannabis brand is following a template when it comes to their logo, name, and color scheme. Hence, if you are new to the cannabis market, you need to do something unique and different to be able to stand out from other brands. 

If you have recently launched your cannabis brand or dispensary and are struggling with coming up with a catchy name and an attractive color scheme – you are at the right place. Keeping in mind the crowded cannabis market with similar logos and mainstream, we decided to share the science of color psychology and naming that can help you build your cannabis brand. Let's learn how to pick a color scheme and name your cannabis brand!

Choosing a Color Scheme for your Cannabis Brand

Choosing the right color scheme for your cannabis brand is extremely important. Not only will it help you make your mark in an already saturated market with a typical color association, but it will also help you get insight if how your customers perceive your brand. Using the right color scheme can transform your brand image and help you stand out among mainstream brands,

What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is an important part of human psychology and is often taught in marketing and branding because it is among the key factors that can help build a brand. Color psychology is a study that shows how certain colors have a different impact on one's mood, emotions, and behavior. While the reaction to color can vary from color to culture, the basic understanding of color remains the same, which is why color psychology is very helpful when it comes to building your brand. 

Understanding Color Psychology for Cannabis Brand

As we said, color can have a different meaning depending on your culture or region. But the standard understanding of some colors based on typical consumers – especially in the US, shows the meaning of the following colors as such:

  • Purple: wealthy, sophisticated, creative, wisdom
  • Brown: honesty, trustable, friendly, 
  • Green: nature, refreshing, health, hope, earthy
  • Black: powerful, sophisticated, authority
  • Blue: loyalty, security, calming, cold
  • Orange: social, enthusiastic, confident, warmth
  • yellow: creative, fun, happiness
  • red: high energy, bold, passionate, angry, warning\
  • Pink: Caring, passion
  • White: Pure, simple, clean

Using Color Psychology for Building a Cannabis Brand

Now that you know the meaning of some common colors, here are some tips to help you develop a color scheme for your cannabis brand.

  • Do not Follow Cliché’s 

It becomes hard to stand out when everyone's doing the same thing; hence with your color scheme, you can make sure you look unique. You can do a favor for your cannabis brand by not following the clichés. The market is already crowded with green logos, so you must steer clear of the color. While it does make sense to pick a green color scheme for your cannabis brand, since it's overdone now, you can go for a brighter color or a color with a different meaning, 

  • Build a Color Palette

Picking one color for your branding is just not enough. You need to go for a color palette. And to that, you need first to pick a theme that you want your brand to represent, then pick more than one color to apply to that pallette. Your color palette can have a mix of more than one color but make sure they go together and look attractive enough to catch the eye. You can build your color palette online as there are numerous tools available on the internet. 

  • Own your Color Palette

LAstylu, own the color or colors you pick for yourself because they can soon become your identity. Such as red is for coca-cola in purple is for Cadbury – the colors instantly remind you of the brand. Similarly, for your cannabis brand, own the color and incorporate it everywhere – including the logo, website, and social media. 

Choosing a Name for your Cannabis Brand 

Naming a cannabis brand is much tricker than a normal brand from any other industry because you need to be careful of the legislation around it – you don’t want to name your brand something that can get you flagged. Hence here are tips to help you:

Understand the Market

Before naming your brand, you must research very well and understand the kind of people interested in your product. In this case, you need to understand the psyche of consumers and people who are likely to visit your website or dispensary. This will help you understand what can attract them to come up with a name that can instantly catch their eye. 

Focus on Building Brand Identity 

when naming your cannabis brand, you must focus on building your brand identity. Mke sure you are not copying or using versions of the mainstream names already present in the market. Just like the cannabis industry is new, your brand name and identity must also be new and fresh. Use a name that leaves a lasting first impression. Make sure your brand name is class but clever, powerful yet relatable – think of something out of the box to tell your brand story and reach and reach your customers. 

Don't Forget Functionality.

While creativity is important for the cannabis business, functionality is a priority. You need to go for a name that your typical audience can memorize because the typical dope consumer is not someone ready to waste time reading long and hard words. So make sure your name is easy to speak, spell and remember. This is the only way they can find you everywhere, not just physically but also on google and social media platforms. 

Final Word

The cannabis industry is fairly new is making your mark in the market is not that tough. However, the industry is growing g fast, and brands with mainstream names, logos, and color schemes have already saturated the market. Therefore, to make sure your brand stands out and reaches your target audience, you need to make yourself unique and memorable!


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