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Cannabolish Smoke Odor Removing Set: Candle + Travel Spray + Home Spray


Scent Wintergreen
Color Amber
Ingredients Water, food-grade surfactant, and a proprietary blend of natural plant oils including wintergreen
Brand Cannabolish
Item Form Spray

About this item

  • Clean-burning smoke odor candle removes unwanted smoke smells, reliably and naturally; smoke spray acts instantly to deodorize fabric, surfaces, and the air.
  • Natural ingredients are non-toxic and safe around people and pets, and for the planet.
  • No harsh chemicals, synthetic perfumes, alcohol, or phthalates. Our odor removing blends have been perfected over 30 years and are mixed in the USA.
  • Use the smoke odor candle and 8 fl. oz. spray at home, bring the smoke odor travel spray on the go for hotel rooms, your car, your clothes, and more!
  • For best results, light candle 30 minutes before smoking. Cannabolish's odor removing plant extracts are released from the candle's heated liquid wax.

Cannabolish Smoke Odor Removing Set: Candle + Travel Spray + Home Spray



From the brand

Cannabolish Logo
Eliminate Smoke Odor Naturally and Effectively

Consume With Confidence

Our story

How we got our start?

For nearly 30 years, the makers of Cannabolish have sought to tackle one question: can you effectively remove odors more safely? With that in mind, we’ve developed Cannabolish, a natural smoke odor eliminator made from plant oils.

What makes our product unique?

Unlike some other air care and odor eliminator products, Cannabolish does not use fragrances to mask odors. Chemically designed specifically for smoke odors, our formulation absorbs and neutralizes odor molecules using the natural deodorizing power of plants.

Why we love what we do?

We love helping people consume with confidence, without the lingering odors from smoke on clothes, in rooms, and in the air. And giving users a safer alternative to products filled with harmful chemicals.

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