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March 13, 2023 – Detroit, Michigan – Detroit native Tashif “Sheefy McFly” Turner, renowned artist, DJ, Emcee, had a lot to celebrate on 313 Day, including McFly’s receipt of the Spirit of Detroit Award and the launch of his exclusive new Cannabis brand, Crud™, in partnership with DogHouse Farms, the award-winning Michigan-based Cannabis brand. 

The Spirit of Detroit Award is granted by the Detroit City Council in recognition of those residents and friends of the City for “exceptional achievement, outstanding leadership and dedication to improving the quality of life.” McFly stated “I am so proud to receive a Spirit of Detroit Award. I have always been a proud, positive ambassador to the city, so this award is extremely meaningful to me.” 

Notably, Sheefy’s 313 Day celebration also included another first for the Artist, the launch of his eponymous Cannabis brand, Crud™ in partnership with DogHouse Farms, a Detroit based Cannabis brand with facilities located on the city’s east side. “To celebrate the launch of my own Detroit-based Cannabis brand on 313 Day and at the same time receive the Spirit of Detroit Award makes me feel like I’ve arrived and made an indelible mark on the city I love.” 

In speaking about the partnership between Sheefy and DogHouse, Sheefy said “I found in DogHouse a partner that shared the same kind of authenticity to the culture, commitment to quality and love for Detroit that I’ve stood for throughout my life. So it was just a perfect fit for me to create Crud™ with them.”

“We couldn’t ask for a more creative, positive and dynamic partner than Sheefy McFly. He personifies the Spirit of Detroit through his leadership and ability to spark joy in anyone that experiences his art, hear’s his music or simply spends time in his presence,” said DogHouse Farms president, Nir Saar. “The Crud™ brand sought to bring each of those elements to life to create a totally unique Cannabis experience and multi-sensory way to experience Sheefy McFly and DogHouse Farms together.” 

Media Inquiries 

Nir Saar, President + Chief Operating Officer DogHouse Farms™ 

P: 248-961-2173 

E: Nir@Doghouse420.com 

About DogHouse Farms™ 

Founded by Jon “HoundDog” Hudnall in 2015, DogHouse Farms exclusive, award-winning genetics are cultivated in pursuit of a rich, flavor-packed experience. DogHouse Farms is the flavor obsessed cultivator of premium cannabis with operations in Detroit, Michigan, Salem, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Prized by connoisseurs and retailers within the world’s most competitive markets, DogHouse Farms is regarded as one of the West Coast’s most sought-after names in Cannabis. The Doghouse Farms Brands are expanding into the Florida market, slated for launch in 2023. 

About Sheefy McFly 

In a few fast-paced years, Tashif “Sheefy McFly” Turner swiftly rose to become one of the most promising, and possibly most commercially successful American artist, muralist, rapper, and DJ of his generation. As a painter, he belonged to the widely celebrated Neo Expressionist art movement. Emerging from a long line of street-smart graffiti artist, who successfully crossed over to the international art gallery circuit. McFly's work is one of the few examples of how a graffiti-based, and counter-cultural artist could become a fully recognized, critically embraced, and popularly celebrated artistic phenomenon. “Indeed not unlike the rise of American Hip Hop” Alumni of the Detroit’s College of Creative Studies, McFly, very skillfully and purposefully brought together in his art, a host of disparate traditions, practices, and styles to create a unique kind of visual collage, one deriving in part, from his Michigan based origins, and in another by his African -American heritage.

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