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There Are Several Types of Stoners, Which One Are You?

We all know the old stereotype of average stoner, we've seen it represented time and time again in movies, TV shows and other media. But how honest is this stereotype, really? If you're not a part of stoner culture, you might be unaware that there are actually several different types of stoners. In fact, you probably know some of them personally. You might even find that you fit into one of these categories and just didn't know it yet. Let's see if we can dissect some of the diverse personalities that exist in stoner culture, shall we?

The Professional 

If you're not this guy, you probably know him, every friend group has one. The Professional comes across as the most well-informed of the friend group. he knows every single thing there is to know about marijuana. In fact, he might just be making some stuff up, but you can't tell. Everyone sees him as the leading authority on all things pot-related, the connoisseur of Kush, if you will. This guy knows the best way to roll a joint. 

He knows the best way to pack a bowl, and he knows the names of strains you've probably never even heard of. Chances are he has all the craziest gadgets. If you can smoke out of it, this guy has one. He's confident you'll get the best high of your life smoking with him, and he might just be right. You can always count on him to have the real gourmet stuff. 

The Nature Lover 

The chill one of the group, the Nature Lover radiates peace and serenity. When you look at this person, you'd probably think flowers bloom and birds sing in their presence. They are one with the Earth, and they'd probably have you think the marijuana has something to do with it. In fact, they might be right. The nature Lover is the one who's always down to get high and go on long hikes through the wilderness, or perhaps sit by the seaside with a fat blunt and watch the sun set over the horizon. 

The Nature Lover is usually also the purist of the group. What makes them a good stoner buddy to have in the group, is that they'll always be the one to procure the cleanest stuff; making sure there's zero contamination your bowls, joints or edibles. 

The Baker 

If you're someone that happens to have a sweet tooth, you definitely one the Baker in your group of stoner buddies. The baker is the one who'll cook up the finest edibles you've ever had. From brownies to cupcakes and everything in between, the baker can do it all. 

out of the many different types of stoners, the baker is also the friend you'd want to have at parties and other social gatherings. After all, who doesn't love the person who walks in with a tray off freshly baked, cannabis infused chocolate brownies, with rainbow sprinkles on top? Or maybe you and your friends are staying in late and you have nothing better to do. The baker is always down to get a batch of marijuana laced cookies going at 1:00 am. But be careful, chances are their edibles are just as strong as they are delicious, you just won't realize it until they hit you. 

The Heavy Stoner 

The Heavy Stoner treats smoking like an extreme sport. It's not just a casual past time for this stoner, it's a way of life. If you can't get on their level, you're weak, and there is no room for weakness as far as this stoner is concerned. The heavy stoner might come across to others as the try hard of the group. They'll push themselves to the limit, much to the annoyance of everyone else in the group. The heavy stoner is usually the polar opposite of the nature lover, there is nothing peaceful about a smoke sesh with them involved. 

If you decide to partake in the heavy stoner's stuff, just make sure you have the stomach for it. Nobody smokes stronger kush than the heavy stoner, and chances are they don't even care what's in it. Of the different types of stoners, the heavy stoner is likely to get along really well with the professional. 

The Spiritual One 

The spiritual one is the one who will tell you that marijuana  a means to opening your third eye, a gateway into a world beyond our own. Whether or not you believe anything the spiritual one has to say, they're definitely one of the most interesting people to hang out with. Of the different types of stoners, the spiritual one and the naturalist are the most likely to get along with one another. 

The spiritual one probably does yoga, and would be down to tell you your horoscope, or read your fortune through tarot cards, if you asked. From Buddhism to Sufism, the spiritualist is a wellspring of knowledge into the various mystic believes and practices from all over the world. Before you decide to hang out with them, make sure you like the smell of sage. 

Different Strokes For Different Folks

The wonderful world of stoner culture is full of diverse and interesting people, and chances are we haven't covered all of them. Next time you find yourself hanging out with a bunch of your stoner friends, try to get to know them on a deeper level, you might just find something hidden within the basic stereotypes that exist about stoners.

 Everyone has something to offer the world. Everyone has unique perspectives and experiences that are worth sharing with other people. The great thing about marijuana is that it unites us in our uniqueness; everyone can have a good time passing a blunt around, telling stories and talking about their lives. What about you? Are you the professional of the group? The baker? Or perhaps the spiritualist? Maybe you fit into a category entirely your own. At the end of the day, the stereotypes don't mean much. What matters is enjoying a nice joint with the people you care about. 

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