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The cannabis industry is growing exponentially, and so is the competition. Marijuana dispensaries are now on the rise across the country, and brands are trying their best to overpower their competitors. It wasn’t long ago when the cannabis industry was in the beginning stages, and standing out among other businesses, forming a strong customer base, and making a mark in the industry was not that hard. However, as the legislation for the consumption and sales of cannabis has been relaxed over time, the opportunities for businesses to grow in the industry have also increased.

Now we see a drastic rise in the number of brands and dispensaries selling marijuana on every street. Unlike previously when having a marijuana supplier who could bring you your stash for the month, people are now finding it easy to just walk across the street to their local dispensary for their weekly or even daily stock. However, as easy as it has become for marijuana consumers – it has added to the stress of marijuana dispensaries. 

The increased competition in the cannabis market has made it difficult for new businesses to survive in the industry. Hence, if you are new to the business, you must differentiate your dispensary, your brand, and yourself from your competition. And for that, you need to utilize some easy and effective strategies. But if you don’t know what to do, don’t worry. Below are some of the most effective ways you can differentiate your dispensary from your competitors:

Tips to Differentiate Your Dispensary from Others 

  • Offer Variety in Products 

One of the biggest trends in the cannabis industry is to earn with variety. For people who may not know or are newbie smokers – marijuana has tons of variety. There is a wide range of products you can sell at a cannabis dispensary – this does not increase your sales but also attracts many new customers. 

Numerous marijuana smokers are unaware of the variety of cannabis products that exist – and finding them in a local industry is sure to attract them. In fact, smokers who are experimenters by nature are definitely going to become recurring customers of your dispensary. This will, in turn, increase your foot traffic and help you differentiate your dispensary from other competitors. 

  • Build an Online Presence 

We all know the digital world has more to do with your branding and marketing than the physical world. Your brand can sustain itself in the market if you have a good online presence. If you stay behind the digital game, you will likely be forgotten by even some of your previously loyal customers. Consumer behavior and perception have transformed over time with everything going digital. Users now need constant reminders of the existence of a brand to stay loyal to them. You need to be creative and memorable to leave a lasting impact on your potential audience to make sure you stand out from your customers. 

Make sure your cannabis dispensary has a well-designed website and social media handles that you can use to update your audience about new products, sales, and promotions. In fact, you can also use your social media to share informative content, which will increase your reach and, in turn, make your brand more recognizable. 

  • Take up Social Initiatives 

If you want to get your cannabis brand trending on social media and attract a diverse group of customers, you need to earn some brownie points from your potential audience. And the best way to do that in our day and age is to take up social initiatives and engage your brand in CSR activities. 

For this, you need to be well aware of what's happening in the world and how you can provide a solution for it. Your business should pick up a social issue that is trending countrywide. However, CSR can also be personal, and if there is a cause you feel you are more inclined toward, then you must make use of your business and work toward that cause. 

Some ways you can engage in these activities and become a part of social initiatives is by introducing specialized products for a certain minority group of people to make them feel recognized, such as LGBTQ+ products becoming popular previously. You must also be careful of the awareness and try to mold your cannabis marketing and promotion around those months. Moreover, you can use the benefits of marijuana and try to emphasize a problem. For example, marijuana can help people with chronic stress disorder – you can use this benefit to increase awareness and attract more audiences to your brand. 

  • Offer Exceptional Customer Service 

Just like any other business, your dispensary can stay ahead of its competition if it offers exceptional customer service. One reason consumers tend to stick to a brand is customer service; how you treat your customers will attract them and make them loyal to your brand. Try to build a welcoming ambiance in your dispensary – be friendly but not too friendly. 

You need to treat every customer based on their interest – if you think someone has walked into your dispensary with confusion and questions, try to help them out and answer their queries patiently. If you come across a veteran cannabis smoker, then make sure you give them that respect. 

Moreover, ensure you're offering deliveries –and that too timely deliveries. You need to analyze the profile of a typical cannabis smoker and the kind of customers you come across on a daily basis. People would love to find a deliverable marijuana stash right at their doorstep, so make sure you are the one who is bringing it to them!

Differentiate your Dispensary: Final Word 

The cannabis industry is growing at a fast rate. However, there is still an opportunity for new brands and dispensaries to grow in the market – given that they apply the right techniques and strategies to attract their customers. To become a successful cannabis dispensary and beat your competitive brands in today's fast-paced world, you need to think out o the box. Traditional marketing strategies neither work in our ever-evolving world nor will help you stand out in this dynamic industry. 



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