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Growing cannabis in home gardens on a small scale has become really common – especially since its legalization across the country. Most people around the states are now referring to planting a cannabis plant in their home gardens because not only is it convenient, but these plants are also low maintenance and grow easily on their own. Do you know why?

Well, let us tell you, certain strains of cannabis are auto-flowering plants – which means, unlike photoperiod plants, they can grow on their own without any limitations of light and darkness. They quickly switch to the flowering stage from the vegetative growth in a short span. This quality of these plants makes them more resilient and best suited for growing outdoors – as compared to other strains of cannabis. 

Autoflowering plants can withstand hot and cold climates, allowing growers to cultivate and harvest plants all year. If you are planning to grow cannabis in your home garden and looking for strains with the highest yield, you are in the right place. Here is a list of the top 4 auto-flowering strains of cannabis that are ideal for growing outdoors in 2022, and even first-timers can grow them without a hassle. 

Autoflowering Strains to Grow Outdoors in 2022

  • Green Gelato – Auto

This is one of the greatest auto strains worldwide and is very popular in different regions. It is known as the ultimate Cali strain and is renowned for its flavor and potency. It has trichome-laden dense flowers that give the plant its 24% THC content – which is very rare for even photo-period strains. This is all the reason why Green Gelato has a hard-hitting effect. 

This auto-flowering strain is an Indica dominant strain that grows well in almost all climates. The plant produces vibrant green buds with orange golden stigma– which produce a vast yield within 60 to 63 days. So if you want to harvest top-shelf flowers – this is the best because it is a producer of high-grade sugar leaves that make it to the top-shelf extract.

Tips for Growing:

  • Keep a carbon filter for drying the strain – it has a powerful aroma
  • It is better to defoliate some of the fan leaves because it has a compact growth structure, which can block the growth of the lower parts of the plant. 
  • Gorilla Glue – Auto 

This is another strain of auto-flowering cannabis that is among the highest yielding strains – not only outdoor but also indoor. On average, the outdoor yield of this strain produces around 800g/m2 of the plant, while it can also give up 600g/m2 of yield indoors. The gorilla glue plant has sticky buds with a 25% THC level – which makes the plant a dream for hash smokers because it is an excellent mood booster and has energizing effects. It is an almost equal combination of Sativa and Indica (55/45) – hence its amazing uplifting effects. 

Talking about its growth, the gorilla glue auto has a short and fast growth cycle; it starts producing massive yields within 9 to 10 weeks. And the best thing about it is that despite the fast growth, it doesn't affect the quality or taste – which is unique with a touch of citrus, diesel, and pine. You can easily cultivate it on your terrace, balcony, or even indoors as it stays between 60 and 100cm. 

Tips for Growing:

  • During the early stages, it is best to tie down the cultivator as it reacts best that way.
  • Make note that it is highly resistant to powdery mildew and colder climates.
  • Best to add supporting side branches to help the plant focus and grow dense buds.
  • Wedding Cheesecake – Automatic 

Wedding Cheesecake is a superb quality hybrid auto-flowering strain that is known as a monster among cultivators as it can grow up to 130 cm. This strain is perfect for people with a sweet tooth. It has cookie dough terpenes with hints of fruity tart – an exquisite flavor for veteran and experimenter weed smokers. 

Wedding Cheesecake is a fast-growing plant that takes up to 8 to 9 weeks to harvest – and this makes it an ideal choice for commercial growers because you can easily achieve multiple harvests in a year. Even though it only takes around 60 to 63 days to mature, it produces massive yields of plants that feature green hues and a touch of pink and magenta. It grows incredibly well in all weather and is a great plant to cultivate outdoors. The cannabis has 22% THC content that offers a cerebral effect – ideal for people with a high tolerance. 

Tips for Growing:

  • Great for growers who experience short summers and are looking for chunky, fast-growing yields
  • Growing in a hot climate is better as you can harvest it every 2 months
  • Purple Lemonade – Auto 

Another hybrid auto-flowering plant that is genetically Indica dominant and is among the best of its kind. This plant is a cross between citrusy and Purple Cali genetics and is a truly beautiful and delicious strain. It has a fruity flavor with amazing, mouth-watering terpenes. With 22% THC content, Purple Lemonade auto offers an uplifting effect that can leave weed smokers in a fit of giggles. It also promotes body relaxation – and is an ideal choice for laidback smokers looking for something to give them a soothing effect. 

The plant is great for home-based growers because it is fast-growing and easy to cultivate. It reaches up to 160cm and completes its cycle within 10 weeks. If you are a beginner, this low-maintenance strain of auto-flowering plant is ideal for you. Despite its short growing period, it can give about 500g/m2 of the yield – which is more than enough for any smoker. 

Tips for Growing:

  • Adding good quality nutrients will reinforce the growth and enhance its flavor.
  • This is a good choice for growing both indoors and outdoors. 


Auto-flowering plants have made it easy for smokers and commercial growers to grow cannabis in their home gardens and have an unlimited supply of the herb present right at their fingertips. If you are new to growing your own cannabis, these plants mentioned above will be a perfect choice for you. Do your research, and cultivate these seeds to achieve high yields of marijuana all year round! 

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