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Getting high is what various of our favorite musicians have described explicitly in their lyrics.  The best comedy movies have exaggerated scenes about such scenarios – and we have rolled over with laughter.   What is there not to expect! It’s the first time you are getting high – EVER!  It’s exciting and thrilling and although there’s no definitive answer on what to expect, here are my pointers on how to navigate this absolutely awesome experience!

1- I say call in the squad.

The closest ones you are absolutely shameless around.  Those that will keep things light-hearted and fun!  Why have the mind wander on its own when it can have the company and comfort of your friends?  Would be great if one of them has tried pot before.  (Bonus: stories about “that first time I smoked” are always more hilarious when recalled years later with your partners in crime.  Mine involved 3 of us passing out on the floor while we had access to 2 beds.  We are in agreement that we all had so much love/respect for each other that we didn’t want to outcast anyone to the couch.  So we collectively decided that the floor was fair and square.  We also didn’t know we were doing our backs and spines a favor back then – but silver lining and all!)

2- I say uncertainty is the new black.

Embrace not knowing what to expect, because let’s face it, knowing everything defeats the purpose of life – the most memorable of experiences are perfect in their imperfections!  Enjoy your first terribly rolled crooked joint – mine was barely secured and bulging in different awkward places.  Laugh it off if you start coughing on your first drag,  especially if you aren’t a smoker!   Set yourself up in a familiar, safe and comfortable environment and understand that the worst thing that can happen to you is (drum roll): falling asleep.

3- I say you will NOT be doing the following (thankfully).

You will NOT be making unnecessary late-night phone calls or rash/gutsy/out-of-character decisions.  You will NOT wake up somewhere not knowing how you got there.  You will NOT feel like someone ran you over with a car and proceeded to smack you with a baseball bat, when you do wake up.  That’s partially due to the fact that you are in fact consuming a completely natural and organic plant, grown and consumed safely for AGES!  When’s the last time you heard of a high person hurting someone, or getting hurt?!

4- I say bring out the genius

This brings me to the point of differentiating factors between smoking and drinking.  See when you drink, you say and do things “courageously and confidently” in your intoxicated state, that make you want to double slap yourself the next morning.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-alcohol, we all deserve a double slap from time to time.  But thankfully, when smoking, you will probably say things that won’t make complete sense when you say them, but you actually might be on to something.  Embrace the random philosophical and explorative thoughts, as you really might be on to something.  Things are seldom what they seem!

5- I say food has never tasted any better

I have friends that smoke just to indulge in food.  I have friends that resist all temptations.  One thing is for sure, food tastes and smells phenomenal after a joint.  You will get hungry – it's a given and it's called the “munchies.” Give yourself the pleasure of ordering whatever you crave.  With time and more smoking experience, controlling the munchies becomes easier.   Personally, salty food has reduced my high, while sugar has substantially increased it.  But then again, these aren’t proven facts, and bodies react differently.  Experimentation is required – we all are very special and unique creatures and it's never a one size fits all situation!

P.S. Keep a water bottle, or several, handy.  You will get a dry mouth and hydration is key!

6- I say always laugh it off

Weed intensifies thoughts – it’s no secret – and that’s why you might find a lot of creatives using it.  Some of the best advice I have ever received is to be conscious of the entity triggering these thoughts, aka the mind.  You might get a disturbing thought of something that occurred to you earlier in the day.  And when high, you might go into elaborate detailing of that circumstance.  Be conscious of that occurrence.  Understand that this is merely a thought, produced by your brain which also produces 12,000 – 60,000 thoughts per day.  When a provoking thought pops up – laugh it off and command your brain; comprehend the power you have to change that thought to one that actually pleases and excites you.  Your thoughts become your reality, so choose your journey, or in this case, your “trip!”

7- I say music is life

The music you listen to subliminally sets the tone of your trip and its’ importance is NOT overrated.  Choose a great playlist with an upbeat cheerful vibe; you can access ours here.

Sing-a-long, dance, and flow if you want to; feel every beat and melody.  If you can’t be yourself around yourself, how can you be yourself around anyone else?  One of the most enjoyable group smoking sessions I have ever had was when a friend started drumming a beat with his hands, and every other person got a tool, (kitchen utensils were not spared) and started weaving in their own sound.  Fun times!


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