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Why your website isn't reaching your target users

Do you want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere before taking your car to a mechanic? Regular maintenance can ensure this doesn't happen. Similarly, your low conversion rates may be because of an outdated website. An up-to-date search engine optimization strategy can ensure it remains a driving force for your revenue goals. This is where an SEO audit comes in.

What is an SEO Audit?

SEO maintenance is called an SEO audit. It gives powerful insight into a website’s online health and the factors that may be holding it back from ranking high on Google. The main aim of the audit is to reveal foundational issues that are affecting organic search performance. These include:

  • Use experience issues.
  • Technical issues.
  • On-page SEO issues.
  • Off-site issues.
  • Website structure problems.
  • Competitive market insights,.

Why Is It Necessary?

An SEO strategy can help you determine where you are going wrong with your optimization strategies. You can use the information it reveals to work in the right direction to increase your rankings. While they may take some time, the results are worth the wait. The information an SEO audit reveals can enhance your online visibility a hundred-fold by:

  • Revealing errors in your site structure, code and content.
  • Pinpointing actionable insights that can ensure your business remains competitive.
  • Determining whether you are ranking for chosen keywords and if your site is visible on SERPs.
  • Revealing data that can help you update content in-line with the latest algorithm changes.
  • Optimizing headlines, titles and meta descriptions.
  • Conducting competitor analysis.
  • Checking loading times and mobile accessibility 

Among other factors that can have a visible and positive impact on significant site areas.

Top Signs Your Website Needs an SEO Audit

Your website may be underperforming without your notice. That’s a lot of revenue down the drain. Here are the top indications that you should conduct an SEO audit:

Your Site Isn’t Mobile Optimized  

A site optimized for web and mobile is responsive and easily accessible – two factors that have a massive impact on your online visibility AND reach. Optimized content can flow easily between both mediums for a user-friendly experience. Mobile optimization has been an important ranking criterion since 2020, so if your website isn't optimized accordingly, it hurts your ranking. The SEO audit will also reveal whether it meets Google guidelines that can prevent penalties. 

Organic Traffic Is Low

Organic traffic is free traffic that you get from search engines. It is not the result of an advertising campaign. This type of traffic should go steadily with time. If it is going down instead and you are constantly monitoring it, there is an issue.

An SEO audit can reveal site issues that are keeping users away. If traffic took a sudden nosedive, an audit could tell if it resulted from a Google penalty or a penalty from another search engine. If you use fraudulent SEO practices to boost your online traffic, this can happen. Very little gets by powerful search engines such as Google. However, if you have maintained legitimate practices or kept up with algorithm changes and still see a drop in traffic, an SEO audit can reveal where you went wrong. 

Low Conversion Rate

A commercial website with good optimization is a customer magnet. However, if your traffic is decent, but your site visitors rarely take any preferred actions on the pages, an SEO audit can reveal why. You may be targeting the wrong audience, or your target keywords may not be the ones users are entering into search engines to find your services or products.  

Poor On-Page or Off-page SEO practices

On-page SEO refers to your website's accessibility and structure, which directly impacts user experience. If pages take time to load or are error-prone, your traffic will drop. A well-optimized site has to have quality content, images, videos, graphics, navigation and more to be functional.

Off-page SEO goes beyond functionality and focuses on link-building. It refers to actions taken outside your site to impact SERP rankings. This includes social media marketing, guest blogs and other content that can make your website stand out on other platforms and for different audiences. An SEO audit can reveal weaknesses and gaps in both SEO strategies. 

Thin Content 

Google knows what users want at any given time. It only ranks helpful content at the top of search results. Blogs or content that is just 300 words long will not work even if they are heavily optimized.

Use longer articles (1000 words or longer) if you want to be taken seriously by the search engine. These offer valuable information that can help you rank high for hot keywords. Add videos, images, infographics and other content to propel your site to the top and keep it there. 

Final Words

Would you wait to get a health checkup if you think you are ill? An SEO audit works similarly. By revealing information that can save and revive your online presence. It is an essential service for long-lasting success. By discovering issues weighing down your online presence, you can take corrective measures to help you get ahead of the competition. Use it and see for yourself. 


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